Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fashion in the 1990


  • Hot pants and mini skirts are back; tent dresses and pants suits are in.
  • New car brands Infiniti, Saturn, and Lexus are introduced.
  • Clothing fads include pre-ripped jeans, Ninja Turtle stuff, wide head bands, and sneakers ranging in price from $125 to $175 a pair. The Reebok pump is a new item.
  • In February, men's bolo ties are popular items. Designer Ralph Lauren shows them with his Polo line, while rock star Bruce Springsteen is photographed sporting one. These Western-influenced string-thin ties are fastened at the neck with decorative clasps that come in everything from silver to stone, with costs ranging from ten dollars to three hundred dollars.
  • In March, Vogue declares: "Pretty Makes A Comeback." Designers show softer suits, jackets with softer shoulders, curvy tailoring, and fluid skirts and pants for women. The "power dressing" of the 1980s, with its sharply tailored suits...

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