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Neville brody

Neville Brody has Art Directed and created new typefaces for Arena Homme + Edition 32 ‘Popaganda’ making a long awaited returned to the world of magazines. This is a special first collaboration on the men’s fashion title and their issue celebrating the iconic stylist Ray Petri, a close friend of Brody, and the spirit of the Buffalo fashion movement.
Building on a couple of guest front covers this year with Wallpaper* and GQ Italia (coming soon to this blog), it is the first time in several years that Brody has returned to pure Art Direction, typography and layout of a full magazine.
On the collaboration with Brody Jo-Ann Furniss editor in chief comments;
“ As the original person who commissioned much of the original buffalo output, the most iconic Art Director of The Face and founding Art Director of Arena (not to mention his work on Per Lui – his men’s fashion credentials are unimpeachable). It took a fair amount of arm twisting to get Neville to do a magazine again. But as can be seen, the results are as brilliant as ever. It’s a great pleasure to work with him.”
The edition celebrates the Buffalo spirit of issue 32 with a split run of covers. A Buffalo special with cover star Jack Negrit shot by Jamie Morgan and styled by Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz and another featuring emerging ‘Gossip Girl‘ pop icon Ed Westwick shot by Alisdair McLellan and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Project D "here we come"

Basically will be about graphic designers in the 1990s .. or even typography designers

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Madeline 2

Full movie:

 Drew the headline and scanned it

Madeline 1

Ludwig Bemelmans was an essayist, humorist, novelist, artist and an author. He was born in the Austrian Tyrol and moved to the US in 1914. Never intending to be a writer, he was a restaurateur and artist before penning any books. In 1934, at the suggestion of children's book editor May Massee, Bemelmans wrote his first book, Hansi. Hansi. But it was Madeline that brought him his greatest success. From the time of his marriage to Madeline Freund in 1935 (Madeline was based on their only daughter) until his death in 1962, Bemelmans wrote approximately one or two books a year.